Thursday, May 26, 2016

POPS Concert

Eliana and I

Eliana, me and Elizabeth

What an amazing year it has been in Women's Chorus this year! 
We received the highest award at NYSMAA Majors this year, Gold with Distinction and just celebrated our last concert! 
We had our POPs concert tonight which features every high school musical group in the gym. It is the last concert of the year and it honors all of the seniors in the music department. This concert is always one of my favorites. My favorite part is when all the bands, orchestras and choruses participate in the finale. It is usually amazing and so surreal but this year was slightly disappointing. We performed Mahler's Symphony No. 2. It sounded beautiful when we practiced it in rehearsal but when we performed it in the gym with everyone, it wasn't all together. And not for nothing but the POPs concert is all about POP music! Sorry, but the Mahler Symphony is in German and not POP music. 
My least favorite part about POPs is that it is normally 90 degrees in the gym because there must be at least a thousand people: performers and audience members combined. 
 For WOCO we sang a mash up of Adele's Set Fire to the Rain and Earth, Wind & Fire's September. Our teacher always does really amazing mashups! We started with the Adele song and all the seniors got solos, not my best solo, and then we went back up onto the risers and sang September. And each year, as per tradition, WOCO danced to September! We had a choreographed dance and it was really cute! But I can't help but not laugh when I do it, because let's be honest it's a little embarrassing and it's funny! And a lot of fun! And I also can't help laughing because the boys from Men's Chorus were sitting behind the bleachers so they all have great views of our butts especially as we are dancing. 
For Vocal Jazz we sang the famous Pitch Perfect song, which is the mashup of Just the Way You are/Only Just a Dream. It sounded great! And I think the audience really loved it, because who doesn't love Pitch Perfect!!??
After we performed we were super sweaty and smelly. Our teacher gave the seniors our chorus pins and couldn't even read her speech to us because of how emotional she was. It was so cute, I even teared up. I teared up even more when Eliana, President of WOCO gave her really heartfelt and emotional speech about what an amazing teacher and friend, Nancy is. I didn't completely sob because I still am in disbelief that my time in high school is almost over, and more specifically my time in WOCO is almost over. I love 'Nanc so much and the girls in WOCO! I have had what an amazing 4 years in this class and I don't believe that I just had my last concert. (And shocker, I'm crying right now as I write this out.) I'm so glad I stayed with WOCO all 4 years, I'm so glad I didn't switch to another choir. I love singing and what an amazing chorus we have. But we are more than just a chorus, we are almost like a sorority. At times we want to strangle one another and we get mad at each other because of excessive talking and phone use, but at the end of the day we all come together and make beautiful music. 
I love these girls and am very sad to leave them and my beloved music teacher. 

Enough with the sappiness: The dress code tonight was all white! The boys in Men's Chorus wore sweat pants and Hawaiian shirts, it was really funny, but everyone else wore white. So here are the pictures of (boho) Eliana, (preppy) Elizabeth and (tall and preppy) I at our last high school concert!
Love you girls!

Eliana's Outfit:
Y necklace: Eff y Bee 
Choker: made by friend 
Shoes: Calypso sparkly flat sandals (similar)

Elizabeth's Outfit:
Dress: Vineyard Vines white ivory dress (similar)
Earrings: Lord & Taylor studs
Bracelet: from Armenia

My Outfit:
Dress: J Crew white shift dress with lace (similar)
Bracelet: C Wonder initial pink cuff (similar)


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