Friday, March 3, 2017

Midterm Week Ft. a Special Guest

As of 10:45 am yesterday I "mentally 'peaced out.'"
I had my history midterm yesterday morning and then I was done!!!
But not really....
I still had to pack and do some work for today, but in reality I was done.

The minute after the test I could feel myself getting sick....
And now I have a bit of a head cold.
This always happens. After a stressful and long week of tests, I get so worn out that I get sick.

But I am still powering through.
I did some work last night in the library so I don't have to do it over break and I am going to do some more work after I finish this blog post.
I am checked out but I am not letting myself get completely checked out until I am sitting on the beach tomorrow afternoon!

I am really proud of myself for pushing through and not mentally "peacing out" before my midterms!
And I deserve a pat on the back for doing work last night and today before my flight so I don't have to do it over break!
I know when I get to my house I am going to crash so hard...
And I am going to so enjoy this relaxing break, because I deserve it!

Look! I'm not wearing my white jeans!
Aren't you proud?!

Shirt: J Crew light pink sequined shirt
Vest: J Crew navy blue puffer vest
Jeans: American Eagle low rise skinny jeans
Earrings: Tiffany pearl studs
Shoes: Tory Burch Sedgwick ballet flats

And now for our special guest: SOPHIA!
She told me she was very proud of her outfit yesterday so I begged her to have some pics taken to put it on the blog, and here she is!

What a stylish best friend I have!

Sweater: H&M gray pull over
Jacket: Zara green military jacket
Jeans: Zara skinny jeans
Boots: Zara brown over the knee boots
Necklace: @truebluedesigns_ on Instagram
Earring cuff: Zara gold cuff
Watch: Michael Kors black and gold watch


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