Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Spring!

For a split second, I actually thought about captioning this post, "I Haven't Cried in 4 Months..." but decided that would be too depressing...
Let me try to explain a bit.
So as of yesterday, yesterday would have been the first day in four months that I have sobbed...
Don't get me wrong, usually every Sunday, I shed a couple of tears after I talk to my family, but I always pull myself together because I know I have things to do and that I don't have time to miss them...
It's a sad reality but it's good that I force myself not to think about my family too much.
But yesterday, I lost it.
I rarely loose it, but I did.
I was so stressed out and just had so much going on that I completely lost it and balled for a solid half hour in my room, while on the phone with my mom.
And now let me explain why I was hysterical last night...
So for starters there were two big stressors in my life as of yesterday- planning a bus to the Carolina Cup and housing for next year...
The bus planning had become super stressful, because the cup is approaching AND not enough people would pay me for it...
So there was that. 
AND then, there was my housing situation. I don't really want to get into it, because I was furious, but it all worked out and I am still living in KD housing, but now in a single!
So that is that....
But all of that combined made me extremely overwhelmed and I just lost it....
I was hysterical. And I honestly, can't remember the last time I was so upset.
But it felt good to cry, not gonna lie. 
And why do I always get stuck with drama on MONDAYS??!!! That's the worst day of the week to have drama!
And because I spent the whole night crying, I did little to no homework and didn't even make it to the library... but it's okay, I needed to cry.
And I should probably cry more often. It's not healthy to keep in all my emotions, and I need to remind myself that it's okay to be vulnerable sometimes...

But on a happier note-the first day of spring means pastels!!!

I rocked my favorite spring shirt yesterday in honor of the warm weather and the new season!
I am so excited to put away all my boots and coats!

(and lol awk shadows....)

Shirt: J Crew tunic
Shoes: Tory Burch Sedgwick ballet flats
Sunglasses: Ray Ban cat-eye wayfarers in tortoise shell (similar)


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