Thursday, March 16, 2017

1,000 and Counting

I woke up yesterday at 7:30, checked my phone and promptly got out of bed at 7:35am.
While I was getting ready I jammed out to my Pandora "Teen Pop" radio station and figured out what sweater I had in my closet that would bear the 11 degree weather outside.
And once I figured out that my really warm wool sweater was super wrinkled and that I would have to iron it, I took out the iron, filled it with water and waited for it to heat up.
As it was heating up, I scrolled through my Instagram (@tallandpreppy) and then realized that I had OVER 1,000 followers!!!!

Thank you guys all so much!
It's crazy how far this blog has come!
I started it almost two years ago and look how far we have come.
I couldn't have done it without all of you guys!
Thank you ALL so much!!
I love each and every one of you!!

Seeing that big number yesterday morning was amazing and it really made my day.
I knew I was going to, and did have, an extremely stressful stressful day yesterday, I can still feel the tension in my neck and shoulders, but that little surprise made it all better!
So thank you again!

Despite the 11 degree weather, and me saying that I in no way wanted to take pictures outside, we took pictures outside!
Would ya look at that!
And we froze!
I had to present a speech yesterday in my public speaking class and I was really nervous for it because it was in front of my whole lecture class which is about 50 kids.
I have performed my whole life and never get nervous to be on stage, but I find that in "intimate" (because yeah, 50 people is intimate), as compared to 100s of people, that I get more nervous.
However, I knew that if I felt confident in my outfit and looked good I would be less nervous.
And I was!
So that's why I spent the time yesterday morning ironing my sweater and fixing my hair, and making sure my makeup looked good.
It felt good to look good. 

I don't know why, but maybe because I'm stressed, but I have been in kind of a funk and feel very distracted and less confident than normal...
I don't know, but like my bestie Giorgia said, "It's just a funk you will get out of it!"
And that reminds me, if you haven't read Giorgia's blog, trendsandrealtions, what are you doing with your life?? She is an amazing writer and I literally started crying in the library yesterday reading her posts. Partially because they were amazing and it reminded me how much I miss her but also maybe because I was exhausted and stressed out... but the second part doesn't matter.

Cheers to all my followers (and go give Giorgia a follow), I love you! And thank you!

Sweater: J Crew purple wool sweater
Pants: American Eagle x4 jeggings
Boots: Tory Burch black riding boots
Earrings: Tiffany pearl studs
Necklace: J Crew statement necklace


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