Sunday, March 19, 2017

Oh What a Week...

I had what a crazy and stressful week....
Hence, why this blog post is a little delayed... oops

Thursday was just insane, but not as insane as Friday.
On Thursday, I had to work on my French project with Juliana, which I think went okay on Friday, even though I always get very nervous presenting in French class.
In chorus class, I was given a solo! I am really excited, the song is really pretty and it's in French (aka my fav kind of song) so it's going to be really great!
I also had a crazy fun dinner with some of the girls from my pledge class.
They are crazy and hysterical and I love them!
And can't wait to be living with them next year!
I also had ballroom dance practice, which is really fun because who doesn't want to feel like Cinderella or Belle dancing with prince charming, even though most of the boys, aren't that charming...

On Friday, I gave my presentation in French. I hope and pray it went okay...
And then after French, my friend Grace and I sat down and literally called 20 bus companies, to see if we can charter a bus to go to Carolina Cup!
We didn't realize how stressful/how much work it would be to get a bus....
I then had a meeting with someone about a program I got declined from. It was sad, but I wanted to hear what I could have done better or said differently in my interview. He honestly, said nothing.
And that it was just a numbers game. Which made me feel better!
And then, I had a phone call with an old friend.
And that call honestly made my day and probably my week!
It was just such a nice conversation, and we got to catch up like old times.
And finally, I got ready to go out for Saint Patty's Day!!!
But I didn't last that long... lol I was in bed by midnight.... oops
But it's okay I knew I was going to have a super busy day on Saturday. Which I did!
I had Wake n Shake! A 12 hour long dance marathon that raises money for cancer research.
I danced for 6 hours straight and we raised over $334,000!!!
I crashed last night, and am still recuperating from yesterday... RIP

This is my super cute (very Sophia) outfit from Thursday.
I love how simple it is but very trendy because of the over the knee boots!
I felt so fierce all day!
I love how I can wear very simple and classic pieces, but still look very chic!
My legs look like they go on for dayyyyyyssssssss! 
And I'm not complaining about it!
I also have to say these boots stay up sooooo much better when I wear jeans...
So go figure!
But hopefully, I can put them away and it will warm up here this week!
I am so ready for spring!!!

(And there is no point in me linking items because no one is selling winter clothes right now....)
Sweater: H&M v neck oversized pink sweater
Pants: American Eagle x4 jeggings
Boots: DSW over the knee black boots
Earrings: sterling silver ball studs


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