Tuesday, March 14, 2017

And We're Back

I had a very busy and crazy day yesterday.
I am trying to get back into routine after my nice and long relaxing break.
Yesterday wasn't a day where I could just ease into classes, work and activities, but rather I had to go in with full force to all of my classes and activities. It's like I was never on break!
And I know this second half of this semester is going to be insane!!
I have something going on every weekend!
This weekend is Wake'n Shake, a 12 hour long dance marathon to raise money for cancer.
And I have more activities like that every weekend until the end of school, including informal, formal and other fundraisers!
My friend Grace and I are also trying to get a bus to go to the Carolina Cup for April 1st. So that is again, one more thing to do!

So glad I sat out in the sun and got a tan over break, because everyone can totally see it through my sweater and long pants....

I came back to freezing weather, literally, here in NC!
It snowed early Sunday morning and it was hailing yesterday...
Not fun.
And it is currently "blizzarding" up in NY, and everyone got a snow day... so not fair! I want a snow day!
Where is spring??
Good thing I didn't put away all my sweaters!!!
I never thought I would be so daring to wear a winter sweater with white jeans before... but I did, yesterday and I am very proud of the combo!
Like I said before, I am becoming more and more daring with my outfits over time!

Shoes: Tory Burch cheetah Reva flats


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