Wednesday, November 30, 2016

One Good Thing About Rain

The one thing that was good about the torrential down pour yesterday, was having all the beautiful red leaves fall to the ground.
Back home we don't have trees with as vibrant of leaves as these. And honestly, the pictures don't do it justice.
They are a bright crimson red and absolutely stunning.
The bad part about all the rain yesterday, is that I got soaking wet. I was prepared with my rain boots, but left my rain jacket in my room, and thus after French, my hair got soaked! 
I had to blow dry my hair!

I guess another good thing about the rain was that I got to wear my pink wellies. And come on, don't these just brighten up your day? They are so fun and everyone should have a pair.
And look how cute they look with my pink and gray Weiner dog sweater?! So cute!
I was also sporting some new jeans yesterday!
These are my new favorite pair!
Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans, and my last favorite pair were from American Eagle, and I had them for like 4 years. And over time they got really stretched out and discolored, and were no longer tight on my legs anymore, they looked kinda saggy. 
But these new pants, also from American Eagle, fit me perfectly again. I think they are actually the same pair as my old ones, but just updated, with a tighter fit and more stretchy. And look at that perfect blue color! Ah, I'm in love with them!
They are so comfortable and I got them in tall, like usual, and they are just perfect. They are the perfect length and fit for my body type!
And honestly, every body type. I have never heard of someone not fitting into American Eagle jeans!
Highly recommend, 10/10!!!
(And P.S. I went down a size! So thank you Wake Forest campus, for being so big, that I have to walk everywhere. Thank you for giving me a room on the third floor, and for having a quiet study space on the 6th, 7th and 8th floor of the library. Thus, I walk and climb a lot.)

In speaking of going down a size, I do have to say I have a slight food baby from being home for 5 days. So I have done some serious working out.
Like last night, Katie, Kristin and I went to Bodypump. 
It was a very different and cool workout class. We used weights on a barbell while doing squats and other strenuous exercises. 
It was a really good workout, and I literally had to waddle my way home from the gym last night....

And after that I got to sit and do some serious gingerbread house decorating.
My nephew, Jack, texted me and was like, honestly, how old are you? Aren't you a little too old to be decorating gingerbread houses?
And I was like nahhhhhhh!
Except I guess maybe I even just looked like a 5 year old with my Weiner dog sweater....
It was fun and Alex and I made one together, that successfully stayed together with the icing and then one that I made myself, didn't.... 
But you win some and loose some!
I have never made gingerbread houses using icing to hold the walls together. My mom just always used hot glue, so we couldn't eat them obviously, but so they would stay together. But Alex actually got them to stay with icing, except for mine, because the roof was just too heavy....

Sweater: J Crew Weiner dog sweater (other animal sweaters: otters, penguins, and fox)
Necklace: J Crew statement necklace (similar)


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