Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Bae"light Savings

Happy Election Day!
Go vote if you haven't already!

And happy daylight or "bae"light savings!
It was so nice yesterday waking up to sunlight!
And walking to breakfast not in the dark.
It was just such a great feeling.
I love that I get an extra hour of sleep, so now my 8am doesn't really feel like an 8am, rather a 9am, so right now daylight savings = bae.
Because I, as well as all my other fellow college students love sleep!

I hope everyone had a nice Monday!
I had a better Monday than normal yesterday.
Maybe it was because I got an extra hour of sleep... 
I got my politics test back, and I did really well on it, considering I failed the first one....
I also found out that my final in that class and my French class aren't cumulative!
Thank goodness!
I think I am finally starting to stay in the groove of college life.
I am managing my time better than ever before and am just finally figuring everything out.
I will continue to figure everything out here at college probably until I graduate, and even then I probably won't have everything sorted out!

I go back up north in 15 days and I am so excited!!!
Sunday night I have to say I got a little homesick. Something just washed over me and I kinda got a pit in my stomach.
I really miss my family and friends so much!
It is just so hard being away from everyone because I am so close to all of my siblings and nieces and nephews.
And sorry, but FaceTime, texting and phone calls aren't the same as in person conversations!
I pretty much talked to all of my family and friends back home yesterday, and it was really nice but it made me slightly sad and made me miss them more.
I also probably miss them, because the holiday's are right around the corner! And I can't believe it!
Yesterday it was 65 degrees here, so it literally doesn't feel like November! 
And I am so excited for Thanksgiving, which is in 2 weeks and then I'm home for Christmas, 3 weeks after that, omg!
Lol, I already started making my Xmas list.....
But before I can even think about going home for the holidays I have two essays, a project and a test due in the next couple of weeks!
So I have to focus on school and then I can focus on Christmas music....

You like my new camera??
I had the iPhone 6 before and it took really good photos, and the 7, now even takes better photos!
Lol the only thing that is bad about daylight savings is that the sunsets so early!!
And it messes up Ashley and my, what used to be, prime photo shoot time!

Shirt: J Crew light pink sequined top (in black)
Necklace: sterling silver monogrammed pendant (similar)
Shoes: Tory Burch cheetah flats


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