Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ah Roar

Lol my friend Joe at breakfast yesterday morning said, "aw cute your a little cheetah"
But yes I am a little cheetah and I am very fierce and sassy.
Here are an examples of my roar:
My friends think it would be fun to rearrange my room because we have such a big room and our beds take up so much space.... I am not really down for that but maybe we will play around with it but I'm kinda a fan of my room just the way it is. And to be honest it will be a mess to move everything around!
So I sassed all of them and told them its not up to them but up to my roommate and I and that they don't have any say. 
On Tuesday, I had to give a group presentation that for once was actually evenly spilt, even though I did more of the talking, shocker, but yeah I got up there in front of the class, even though I was half asleep and rocked it. I was so fierce. I stood up proud and tall. I think the presentation actually went really well, and it kept me awake!
And then there was last night which didn't embody my spirit animal, because besides just being a fierce person who looks like they always have everything together, I dropped my phone again and this time it is like actually broken and dead. There is no go back from it. It's a goner.
Good thing we have an upgrade and that I have my computer to send messages and Siri, for once she comes in handy, because the left side of my phone literally doesn't work.
But don't worry, last night I got a new phone!
Alex drove me to Verizon and I got the iPhone 7 in rose gold.
I got a sparkly case to go with it and everything! And so far I am a fan!
You will hear lots more about it later!

So let's talk about cheetah right now!
I personally never thought it went out of style, because I consider it a neutral (thanks mom for teaching me that!) but apparently it is seriously back in and bigger than ever!
H&M has some great cheetah stuff right now in casual shirts but also sophisticated blouses that you can wear to the office. (And they also have cheetah body suits if you really want to dive into the trend...)
So go get you some if you don't have any, and if you already have, go get you some more!
Ah roar!

Shirt: H&M cheetah printed top with faux-leather sleeves (similar)
Pants: American Eagle burgundy jeggings
Earrings: Tiffany pearl studs
Watch: Michael Kors gold Blair watch
Shoes: Tory Burch Reva ballet flats in black/gold

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