Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tsunami Season?

Tsunami? Tornadoes? Hurricanes? Thunderstorms?
Apparently we have all of those here in North Carolina.
Look at these photos, you can see it was sooooo windy.
But also last night, I literally almost got swept away.
My friend Alex has a really funny video of me almost getting swept away by whatever that storm was last night, on our walk back from dinner.
It was crazy rainy and crazy windy.
I had an umbrella and my rain coat on, and I still got soaked. 
Unfortunately, I didn't have my Hunter's on, and got my Tory Burch cheetah flats soaked... :( oh and my new Tory Burch bag, as well. 
I was going to my WFU Style meeting, so I looked all cute and stuff and then I got hit by the storm and wasn't fully prepared...
But it's okay, I survived to tell the story!!

This outfit that I wore yesterday, before the crazy storm, is probably one of my new favorite fall outfits!
I am obsessed!
I wore this outfit a lot when I was home over Thanksgiving break. It was so easy to throw on and just looked so cute!
These are another new pair of pants! I got them from American Eagle! They are fabulous and supper comfortable!
I am obsessed with the color, and I am very proud of myself for not buying another pair of red pants....
And the blanket scarf, another fall staple!

This outfit was all about layering!
I had a vest and then a big scarf, that I wore as both a scarf and a shall throughout the day.
And because the weather was all over the place yesterday, these layers were perfect. In some classes I wore all the layers and then in others, I took just the scarf off or all the layers came off!

And omg my hair is in a braid....
I never really wear my hair any other way than in a pony tail or just down.
I am kinda lazy with my hair/I am not that creative.
But yesterday it went in a braid because I slept on my hair funny, and it looked crazy. But also, because I thought the braid would look cute with this very preppy and fall outfit!
But I have to say, having my hair in a braid was kinda annoying. 
I have lots of layers and angled pieces in my hair, so none of my hair stays perfectly in the braid, and I know certain people can pull off the messy hair look/hair in your face look, but I personally don't think I can.
So in my opinion, my hair kinda looked like a mess yesterday....
But it is what it is!

Shirt: Banana Republic chambray shirt (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors Blair gold watch
Boots: Vince Camuto brown riding boots (similar)


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