Monday, September 2, 2019

Why Wake Forest University? Why I picked Wake 4 Years Ago

As you all should know by now, I am a tour guide at Wake Forest University. I love being a tour guide! I am also a senior!

At the end of every hour and a half tour that I give, first starting at the admissions building then walking down past Scales Fine Art Center, up to the quad, then past the gym and into a classroom on the lower quad, and through a freshman year dorm, our last stop is always the library.
At the library I share why I love Wake and why I chose this beautiful school that I call my home.

Below is what I share at the end of my tours...

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I was a really good student all of high school. I was in nine honor societies, in the theater department, captain of the varsity badminton team and president of the French Honor Society.
I was a real overachiever. I still am and always will be.
But in high school I felt like a major geek and nerd.

I wanted to go to a college where I could continue to be a nerd but not feel like a geeky one. I wanted to continue to be an overachiever and work hard but also have a social life.

Wake is number 27 in the nation for academics. It is an academically rigorous institution but also a fun place where there is a nice balance between academics and socializing.

I also wanted to pick a school that has big sports! Football is one of my favorite sports so when I found out that Wake was a D1 school in the ACC, I was sold! We might be the smallest one in the ACC, but we are mighty. We have great school spirit and I love to cheer on the Demon Deacons!

Picking a small school with a big school feel was important to me. I wanted a school that was small enough where the professors knew my name and where I was from, but also a school that was bigger than my graduating class in high school. So, a class that was bigger than 300. High school was too small because everyone knew everyone, and everyone knew everyone’s drama. Big news does travel fast here at Wake, but it is big enough that not everyone knows who broke up with so-in-so. I also see new faces every day on my walk to class but also friends and familiar faces across the quad.

I fell in love with Wake the first time I visited, four years ago last week. I fell in love with its beauty and I felt very at home on campus. Wake is one of the few schools that I do not remember touring. I know I did, and I remember walking past Taylor Residence Hall and walking up to the upper quad and seeing Wait Chapel, but that is all I can remember. My mother remembers differently and of course remembers every inch of the tour we went on. But don’t worry, I remember the 19 other schools I toured…

So regardless that I did not remember the tour, I did know that by the end of it, I knew Wake was my first-choice school. I felt at home and have felt those same feelings since first stepping onto campus four years ago!
It was the best decision I could have made and I am so in love with this school, the people here and my beautiful life.


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