Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I am so happy and excited to announce that I am going to college!!!
I always knew I was going to college but it was just a matter of which one! And I am so excited that I am going to my first choice school, Wake Forest University!

I fell in love with Wake Forest when I interviewed there at the end of August last year. I only told my closest friends and family that I was applying to WF and all my other friends came to know my top choice school as my "ED school," or my Early Decision school.  I was unfortunately  deferred  to the regular decision from Wake Forest in December, meaning that my application would be reviewed again in March and then I would be notified if I got in in March. I was really upset in December because I just wanted to get in to WF so badly. When I got deferred I knew I had to apply to more schools. In total I applied to 7, and out of the 7 I got into 4 of them. 

Starting in January I started to hear back from schools. I got into all my safety schools as of last Friday and the last school I had to hear back from was Wake. I was really upset Thursday and Friday because I didn't get into my second choice school and my third choice was one of my safeties. I was so upset that I did A LOT of retail therapy (many cute new outfits to come!!) and I just kinda accepted that  I would be attending my third choice school. Not that it is a bad school and I probably would have been very happy there but it just wasn't Wake. I was frustrated thinking that I would have to go to one of my safety schools even though I practically killed myself for the past three and a half years getting all A's and being in so many honor societies and doing so many extra circular activities.

On Saturday morning after not being able to sleep for the past week, I woke up at 8 am, which is EXTREMELY early for me, especially on a Saturday and on vacation, and I played on my phone and I was like let me just look at the WF Facebook group... So I did for an hour or so and then went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, I will still pretty depressed so I continued to play on my phone in bed, and then the mail came. I knew I would have to hear from Wake before April 1st it was just a matter of when, and at this point I was expecting the worst. 
My dad yells up the stairs, "Elisabeth, I have to talk to you..." and I literally said, "Oh great what did I do now..." And I open my door and I see my dad standing at the top of the stairs with a big black envelop in his hand. I turn it over and in the window box it says "Dear Elisabeth, Congratulations!" And I lost it! I ripped open the envelope and cried. I grabbed my parents and hugged them. I was crying and sweating and so over whelmed. But it was the best feeling ever! I laid the acceptance letter out on my bed and just starred at it. My dad later told me that he almost threw it out because the envelope was so skinny and he thought it was junk mail. I was in such disbelief and I am still in disbelief. I called all my family and friends right away and they were all so happy for me! I continued to cry all day! I cannot believe that I am going to my #1 choice school!! Later Saturday afternoon, I made it Facebook official and posted it as my status and the likes and sweetest comments from friends, family and people I don't even like came rolling in.
So today I wore my Wake Forest shirt to school to "announce" to everyone that I am a Demon Deacon and a proud part of the Wake Forest class of 2020!!!


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