Thursday, April 7, 2016


Hello all!!!
This week has been super super crazy! 
I feel like I'm a junior all over again with all of the work I have had this week and my crazy badminton schedule and prom drama!!
I have 4 tests tomorrow! 4! Like what? No! And teachers need to stop giving homework because I am a second semester senior! 
Badminton has been super crazy because we don't have the gym this week because my school is a middle and high school so the middle schoolers were taking state tests for the past 3 days and they have all of these desks in the gym and we can't move all 300 of them every day for practice, so we have had away games. Not only do I hate away games because that means like sitting on a bus and I hate buses, but like these games are really far away, like an hour at least! 
So that's always super fun! 
And lastly, prom drama! Fortunately, I have tried to stay out of it as much as possible but there has been a lot of problems with figuring out after prom details and stuff. Feelings are getting hurt and it's sad because this is suppose to be a happy time. :( 
But in happier news about prom, I got my friend Erin who is a junior a date to prom! She is so excited, she doesn't know the boy she's going with but he wants to go to prom, he needs a date and she also wants to go! So it's perfect! And who cares that she doesn't know him! All my friends last year for junior prom didn't know their dates, because my brother and I set them up, and it was fine! And I will be there, so you know it's going to be super fun!! lol

I'm mixing patterns again! And bundling up because it is super super cold here still!! Omg it's April, for crying out loud! And I feel very school spirited today, with my orange and blue scarf! 

Here is the same outfit that I wore in October with big pearls!

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