Monday, October 2, 2017

Tailgate Season

If you've been following me for a while you know that down here in the south, tailgate season is all about getting dressed up. 
Every girl wears a dress or skirt and we get all dolled up for the games!
My family thinks it's so weird that I wear a dress and cowgirl boots to the tailgate and then to the football game!
But I love it!
I love getting dressed up even for just a game!
I feel like I really embraced my inner southern belle with my game day outfit on Saturday.

I actually remember reading blog posts before I came to Wake to see what girls in the south wear to football games! And the recipe is a dress and cowgirl boots!

All the girls look so cute with their little outfits on, and in my book they get extra points if their dress or skirt are in school colors!!
And extra points for cowgirl boots!!

Sadly we lost the game on Saturday against Florida State. 
It was a big, tough game, but it's okay I still have faith in our DEACS that we will have a good season!

red cowgirl boots from Texas
J Crew blue and tortoise shell sunglasses


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