Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tour Guide E!

You are looking at one of the newest tour guides at WAKE!!
Apparently, after a very selective process 30 students were selected out of 100 applicants to be the new tour guides on campus!!
Our official name is "Ambassadors in Admissions!"
I love it!
I have always wanted to be a tour guide.
At every school I saw, my mom would always say that I would be perfect as a tour guide!
I can't wait to meet prospective students and get to BRAG about my amazing school!!!

I think this outfit would be a perfect "touring" outfit!
It is super casual, comfortable (except the shoes) and cute!
I just got these new "trendy" casual sneakers/walking shoes because I have to wear closed toed shoes for biology lab...
I can wear my boat shoes, or regular sneakers, but I just really wanted an excuse to buy a cute new pair of shoes!
Yesterday was the first day I wore them, and wow that was a mistake.
The blisters on my heels are MASSIVE from these shoes!
So I didn't even end up wearing these shoes to bio lab... I had to put on my Sperry's.
They need to be seriously broken in!
But other than that, I think they are so so so cute!

J Crew pink lace t-shirt
large faux pearl studs


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