Monday, September 9, 2019

How to Party at Wake Forest

Sounds easy and simple, but unfortunately, it is not.
Here is your logistical guidebook to partying at Wake.

Wake Forest has a reputation for being an extremely academic institution where all of the students work tremendously hard and then party even harder.
*Don’t forget that underage drinking is VERY illegal and those caught will and do suffer the consequences!*

Greek life is a huge part of campus and nightlife.
50% of girls are Greek and 30% of guys.

There are no Greek houses on campus, rather Greek lounges. Every Greek organization has a respective lounge. Fraternities are allowed to throw parties in their lounges, sororities are not. 
Lounge parties are convenient because they are walking distance for everyone that lives on campus.

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Thursday-Saturday nights are the party nights. Some might argue Wednesdays too (Wake Wednesday).

Thursday night is called “LRsday.”
If you are of age, friends will go downtown to bars or head to LR!
LR or Last Resort is this gross bar/club that only Wake Forest Students go to on Thursday nights.
If you are under 21 you can still go, the bouncers just mark your hands with big black x’s.

But the parties do not stop on Thursday night, fraternities throw parties every weekend at their houses off campus or in their lounges on campus.
There is always some kind of silly theme to each of their parties. Think Animal House.
To get to the houses off campus, girls will have to take a pledge driver, a pledging brother who is not drinking.

For sorority girls, your chapter’s social chair will send you all the details for all the parties that are going on that weekend which will include the designated pledge brothers, with their phone numbers listed. You will call them when you want to get picked up for the party and they will safely deliver you to the festivities at a fraternity house.

Fraternities will also have “mixers” with sororities. Where it is not an open party for all girls, but rather just a one-on-one party with one fraternity and one sorority.

Both fraternities and sororities throw formals and date functions.
I was date function chair my sophomore year and planned six date functions at various venues, and not in frat basements.

And that’s the lowdown!



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