Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Life Update: Another Campus Scandal, Parties, Law School and Internships

Name a better time to write a life update blog post than in the 11-hour car ride to Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break!

I am having the best semester!


I am working as a research assistant at Wake Forest University School of Law this semester.
I am also taking a really cool class at the law school!
A couple of weeks ago I got to be a juror on a mock trial.
Tonight, I am being initiated into the first pledge class of Phi Alpha Delta, an international law fraternity.


If you remember from last year I was Kappa Delta Date Function Chair. It was a hard position. A big responsibility. A very stressful job. But this year I no longer hold that position, so I get to have some fun!
We had our annual Stoplight date function a couple of weeks ago! And I got to bring three friends and we danced the night away.

Our next date function is next week, and the theme is TalleaKD Nights like Talladega Nights, the silly NASCAR movie with Will Ferrell.

I attended the Dean’s List Gala a couple of weeks ago. It was a very nice honor.

We booked a fun trip to celebrate my 21st Birthday in August!

I planned a Dijon Reunion Dinner with the group of students that I went abroad with. Our professor also came to the dinner!


I explored Charlotte and went to a Hornets v. Bulls game a month ago!

I am also trying to explore downtown more frequently. Winston has some amazing restaurants. It is such a foody town, which is perfect for me. My friends and I always go to the same restaurants and I would love to continue to go to some new restaurants and explore.
We went to Di Lisio’s Italian restaurant the other night. It was AMAZING. The chef/owner is from Italy, so you know it was extraordinary.
I went to Jeffry Adams a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Emily’s Birthday and am going back this weekend to celebrate Erin’s! It is a staple restaurant in Winston!


I am interviewing for potential summer internships. A very scary but also important process to learn how to do.


Before Spring Break was midterms, hence the pictures in the library!

Class registration is next week. I can’t believe I have to pick classes for senior year!

I am also continuing to be a tour guide! Every Friday I give a tour, and so far, every Friday it has RAINED during my tours. Just my luck.

You also may have heard about the “Varsity Blues Scandal” that is going on around some top tier universities. Unfortunately, Wake Forest is involved and being investigated by the Department of Justice. The University had nothing to do with it, rather just the volleyball coach, who was put on leave and arrested last week. 

That’s all folks! (For now!)

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