Tuesday, March 5, 2019

College Morning Routine

I am a morning person. 
I thrive in the early hours of the day right after I wake up.
I like to take my time and have “me” time in the morning, so I am not stressed and can have an amazing day!

7:30 am: Alarm sounds
Hop back into bed for 5 minutes to scroll through Instagram, check the weather and answer any texts.
7:40 am: I throw on my robe, make my bed- the most important thing to do in the morning, and play some music.
I get dressed, moisturize and put on all my different face creams (would you like to see a post on my skin care routine?)
7:50 am: I sit down at my computer and check my emails. I check my planner and see what is going on for the day. I pack up my backpack. I also take 5 minutes for my 5 Minute Journal and set my intentions for the day. It’s my favorite thing to do every morning.

8 am: I brush my teeth and wet my Beauty Blender.
I do my 15-minute makeup routine (would you like a blog post on that?)
8:15 am: I figure out what I am going to do with my hair, usually straighten a couple of wavy pieces in the back of my head and leave it down. You can read about my hair care routine HERE and enter a GIVEAWAY!
8:20 am: I put on my jewelry and my shoes! I also pick out my sunglasses.
8:30 am: Jacket is on, backpack packed and I’m out the door for breakfast!

And yes, I actually do sleep in these luxurious Victoria Secret pjs every night and use this adorable eye mask from Handmade Beauthing on Etsy!


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