Monday, March 18, 2019

Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Saturday, March 9th, 5:45 am our 12-hour road trip from Wake Forest University to Fort Lauderdale, Florida began!

I was really not looking forward to the road trip because I am very impatient, however I was very pleasantly surprised by how fast it went and how fun it was!

After our long road trip, we spent the whole week basking in the sun!

We spent most of our time sitting on the beach, tossing a football around, jumping in the water and relaxing.

Our first day, my cousin took my friends and I out on his boat into the Boca Raton Lake.

One night we went fishing off the dock.

Another night we jumped into the hot tub!

And then we made the 12-hour drive home on the 16th!

A group of six of my friends and I road tripped down in two cars!

I had the best of both worlds this trip! I got to hang out with my friends and see some of my family at the same time!

I saw my brother who lives in Lauderdale and my cousins. I even met up with my twin brother on the beach!

I stayed with my friend Kate, who lives in Lauderdale! You may recognize her because I went abroad with her.

Fort Lauderdale is a fun place for young college kids!
Lauderdale beach, on A1A, right across from the Ritz is the PLACE TO BE!

Las Olas Boulevard is the hot spot for good restaurants and bars!

On Las Olas is El Camino, a delicious and moderately priced Mexican restaurant.
We went twice in one week because it was so yummy.

We also found a gelato shop on Las Olas, 100% recommend.

We also went to Asia Bay for our last night in Lauderdale and ate some really delicious sushi!

I was skeptical that this spring break wouldn’t compare to last year, but it was tough competition!

Where to for senior year spring break?


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