Wednesday, May 2, 2018


“Rush ZSR” is an ongoing joke on campus.
To define some terms for those of you that don’t know:
Rush= to join a Greek organization
Ex: Rush Kappa Delta
ZSR= The Zachary Smith Reynolds Library
Ex: Wake Forest University’s library (the beautiful building behind me in all of these pictures)

Students on campus joke that you “Rush ZSR” because you spend more time at the ZSR than anywhere else on campus, especially during finals week.

Today is LDOC (or the last day of class) and then tomorrow we have a reading day, followed by exams up until the 11th.
I will be here until the 11thand then my mom and I drive home!
I’ve never done the drive from North Carolina to New York before, so it should be interesting, and hopefully fun!
I will provide the entertainment of podcasts and music.

If you need to contact me or find me I will be located in the ZSR for the next week and a half!
See ya there!

purple tassel necklace
Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses


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