Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kappa Delta Formal Roundup

Crush Party



I had what a semester of date functions and formals. I think 6 or 7 in total! 

If you didn't know I was/still am date function chair for Kappa Delta. I love planning events and parties and I thought volunteering for Date Functon chair would would be fun but the joke was on me.....

After the first date function I cried my eyes out. It was horrible. I didn't have any fun and I was running around like a crazy person all night. I love date functions and formals because I love getting all dolled up, which I did, but then also I love them because I get to dance!
And they are so much nicer than disgusting frat basements!

The first date function theme was “Throwdown for Your Hometown.” I wore a J Crew a-line dress and a sweater tied over my shoulders. I wore lots of big pearls and I curled my hair so I would look super super preppy. 

I was so looking forward to get to dance and have a good time but I didn’t have any fun. It was a painful job and I literally cried myself to sleep that night because I was so upset that I worked so hard on this function and then couldn’t even enjoy myself. 
I voiced my complaint to various council members, some told me to suck it up, and others told me they would make it better.
Well I sucked it up and continued to be a team player.

I was very anxious for the following date function which was a blind date kind of theme or “My Tie.” I asked a friend to set me up on a blind date, and she never did…. so that wasn’t cool at all. But I ended up bringing my two best friends, Em and Caro. I brought two dates because I’m date function chair, my position is horrible and I felt like it. So yea!
I’m so glad I brought them over a boy because they were so easy and so fun! I didn't have to impress them or try to entertain them! They were content just being there and dancing. 
So that was the nice part of my night and all was well, until three girls threw up. 
Two on the bus I was in charge of. So that was so wonderful. And then some kid peed in the water fountain. And there were jello shots that were found in the bathroom. Hmm what else…. My friend got kicked out for holding a beer in her hand because she is underage…
Anything else?
Oh, yea! Some guests were fighting me and giving me such attitude about taking the bus to and from campus…
It was such a night. So as messy as it was, I felt calmer and it went smoother than the first function for me, even though it doesn’t seem like it.

The night before formal I went to the business frat formal with my friend and it was so so fun!
I treated myself to a fun night out with friends and danced all night. I knew that the next night I would be working so I said yes to two nights of parties!!

And then finally FORMAL!
Let’s start off with the dress. I ordered this gorgeous long dress from Missguided… It showed up after 3 weeks…. and when it showed up it was broken. The zipper was broken and split before I even put it on. It was very disappointing. And I messaged their customer service via Facebook, becasue they don’t have customer service via email or phone or anything. So weird. And horrible customer service. It says on the website that you will hear back from them within an hour. NO! LIES. DAYS! It took them days to get back to me. And they didn’t even seem to read my message. They wanted to send me another dress even though I told them my formal was in two days from when I received the dress. 
So moral of the story: don’t order from Missguided. HORRIBLE. And very disappointed.
Adding to the drama of formal, I had some date drama. A couple of weeks before I went to a fraternity formal with this guy, so then I asked him to go to mine, and apparently I insulted a lot of people by bringing him as my date. 
But whatever! I have realized I can’t please everyone or care what everyone thinks. So he still came! We still had a great time!
And formal was such a success! Only one person threw up, a guy, and it wasn’t on the bus, so I don’t care!
It was so so so fun!
I danced all night and I really got to enjoy myself! So yea! 
They say third times the charm right??

Well I have three more to plan for next semester!!

Summary of all the functions this semester:

Fraternity formal: red light district theme (lol kind of gross theme)
Crush Party: throwdown for your hometown: J Crew periwinkle knit dress
Informal: My Tie: forever 21 dress (similar)
Fraternity Formal: Pick a date, be my date (lol April 16th is National PJ day, so my date and I wore our pjs! I wore my pink stripped Victoria Secret set)
Business fraternity formal: ASOS red dress ON SALE
KD formal: Parker NY dress with feathers (similar with feathers) (similar color)


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