Sunday, March 3, 2019

Shave Free Spring Break with NAIR


Are you tired of razor burn? Are you tired of shaving? Does waxing hurt too much?



It is Spring Break season also known as bikini season, and shaving is annoying especially for those hairy ladies, aka ME!

I discovered Nair my senior year of high school from a friend.
I have not stopped using it since!

Before you get in the shower, you put the white, thick, sunscreen like consistency, cream on the part of your body (legs, bikini line, armpits, arms, legs, etc.) that you would normally shave or remove hair from.
Nair is a depilatory cream the removes the hair off your body in 10 minutes.
I know that sounds scary, but I cannot emphasize enough that it does NOT HURT! When I use Nair, it feels like I have a thick sunscreen on and is painless.
I normally keep it on for 9 minutes, and afterwards wash it off with a warm face cloth, and there you go, beautiful, soft and hairless body!
After using Nair, I can go a week without shaving, and it is amazing!

This product is magical.
Every woman needs this product in her life!


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