Friday, December 29, 2017

My New Home: Dijon, France

Using contextual evidence I think you can figure out where I will be living in the very near future!

I'm moving to FRANCE!!!

I am not moving permanently bur rather for a semester.
Next fall I will be living abroad in France!
I just got accepted into the WFU Dijon program for Fall of 2018.
I couldn't be more grateful and excited to be able to live abroad in France.

These photos are from April of 2014 when I first went to Paris with my mom, grandma, cousin and sister to celebrate my 16th birthday. That was a dream come true right there and now that I get to live in France for a whole four months, I am beyond excited and beyond grateful that I get to have one of my dreams come true.

And y’all will get to experience every part of my life abroad by following me along here on T&P and on my Instagram @tallandpreppy!

I will be living with a host family in Dijon and I will be attending La Université de Burgundy in the city of Dijon. I will take 15 credits or 15 hours which will help me almost finish my French major at Wake.
I am so so so excited!

And when I am not studying, I will be traveling! For the first six weeks I am in France, I will be traveling every week with my French professor from Wake and then when I am living with my host family I won't have classes on Fridays so I will be really able to travel all over Europe!

And the best part is that my whole French class from Wake is going, so I will have lots of friends to travel with from school, but I will also meet up with friends from Wake that aren't in the Dijon program. I will also get to meet up with my friends from back home as well!
Don't worry, I have already created a list of all the countries and places I want to see while I am living abroad.

I am beyond excited for this amazing adventure I am about to go on!!
Get ready for some amazing stories and some amazing pictures right here on T&P!


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