Saturday, December 9, 2017

Happy SNOW DAY!!!

The perfect way to end the semester yesterday was with SNOW!
I was sitting at my desk doing some studying yesterday morning and I looked out my window and it was SNOWING!
I know I am from New York and we get snow all the time but snow just makes me so happy!
The last time I saw snow was last January when I was here for sorority rush! Click HERE to read that blog post!
I was so giddy and happy all day because of the snow.
After classes were over, everyone was on the quad playing and laughing. Some kids made some snowmen and others just took photos!
It made my heart feel so warm.
I think snow makes everyone happy!
It was the most perfect way to end the semester.
It is still snowing now!!!

The snow was a good distraction for a while, and it is still very distracting, I can't stop starring out my window, but I have to study!!
Four final tests and then I can go home!!

I bundled up yesterday and will continue to bundle up this next week because it is supposed to be super COLD!
I love this outfit! So warm and so stylish!

J Crew blue turtleneck sweater
J Crew Gigi black pants with pockets
faux fur gray vest
Tory Burch black riding boots
Tiffany pearl studs


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