Thursday, December 7, 2017

It's the Giving Season

Freezing temperatures rolled into Winston-Salem yesterday and are continuing as the last week of classes finishes and we move into finals!
I am so close to being done.
Four final tests and then I am home for the holidays… every time I say that phrase, the song “There's no Place like Home for the Holidays” pops into my head!

I have been making my Christmas break to-do list for weeks now as I itch to get home.
I have also been attempting to plan out my schedule during finals week which includes workout classes and down time.
It is a bit challenging because I have loads of studying to do!

But to avoid studying, my friends and I have long dinners at the Pit and spend time with each other. The other night we sat in my room, which has a gorgeous view of the quad and we watched the lighting of the quad. It was raining so we opened my windows and got to hear all the a Capella groups in the warmth of my room and then got to see all the lights around the trees turn on when the countdown for lighting the quad was over.

Since it is not the holiday season and I am now in that holiday spirit, I went to a academic talk yesterday and learned how one man created a country without poverty
Muhammad Yunus is a Nobel Peace Price winner for creating a poverty free Bangladesh. He is a genius. He created this concept of social businesses and that these businesses aren't made to make a profit but rather to provide a service to the people of Bangladesh. These businesses he created include: a vegetable seed company, a solar energy company, a sanitation company and a health care company. He has created 60+ social businesses all for the people of Bangladesh. He even created a bank to loan money to all the poor people in Bangladesh. All those people have paid back more money then they ever took out as loans.
It is crazy how if you give a little, an even bigger change can come of your generosity.

Also in the spirit of giving, I gave out balloons to students across campus yesterday and spread confidence and happiness. Through Kappa Delta we have Confidence Coalition where we are trying to spread confidence all across our campus. By handing out these bright green balloons with simple positive saying on them like, “Be bold,” “You are beautiful,” I was able to make people happy and I felt good about myself and my sorority because I was able to make all this people smile. Seeing people smile made me smile and it was such a beautiful event. It made people really happy and who doesn’t need some love and happiness right before finals??

Keeping that giving spirit in mind, I got a very sad email this morning from my KD president saying that many of the Wake Forest employees are very sad that the semester is coming to an end because they will be out of a paycheck for several weeks.
The email said,“Yesterday, while dinning at Zick's I engaged the staff in a conversation about their upcoming winter break. Thinking that they were as happy as we are about the Christmas break, I learned the total opposite...its dreaded. Reason being, they will be without a paycheck for nearly a month! I then asked 'well, how are the seasonal job opportunities looking,' and they replied in sharing that they weren't receiving any callbacks, so as it stood, and as it has been in the past, they would be without a source of income during the Christmas/early winter season. My last question was the most unsettling: 'what about gifts for your children's Christmas,' to which one person replied, 'my children won't get any presents, I'm behind on November bills, so that's out of the question.'" 
So as happy as this time of year is for me and my friends to get to go home and have a happy holiday season, for a lot of workers on campus, this season becomes a stressful time of year because they cannot pay their bills or give their children Christmas gifts.
I never really thought about what a big impact this university has on the community and I want to help. Here is a link that you can donate money so employees of Wake who are in need can get some extra love and cheer this holiday season.

This is the season to give!
I always feel warm and fuzzy inside when I give back to the community or just make someone smile.
I don't do enough of community service and I know we all say we will do more of it but we should all really make a conscious effort to donate and give our time to helping people in need.

And speaking of feeling warm and fuzzy inside, I also felt warm and fuzzy outside yesterday in my adorable outfit.
I love the pop of color in my earrings. It makes the outfit different and unique!
It also brings the eye right to my face
I think this outfit looks great with my hair pulled back so that the earrings and turtleneck are front and center.

J Crew blue tassel earrings (similar)


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