Thursday, December 28, 2017

Date Night

I know everyone is always very interested in other people’s "love lives." I kinda am too.
It’s so weird but everyone loves to see who is dating who or who isn’t dating who.
And sorry to disappoint but I didn’t have a date with an SO, but rather my older brother Michael the other night!
My family is very large, as you may know. I am one of five, and my oldest brother is Michael. He is 30+ years older than me. So he is the oldest and I am the youngest. He is married, he lives 50 yards away from me… no joke, in his house with his wife and three little kiddies.
So he is a real adult with a real job so I don’t really get to spend anytime with him or any of my other siblings for that matter. They are busy people! I get it!
So when I was still at school, I texted him and asked if we could go out to dinner when I got back from school!
So that is what we did the other night.
We had date night!!
My lovely date allowed me to pick the restaurant and he treated sooo I picked Kyma
It was sooo yummy! Lots of delicious Greek food.
We got some weird looks from the hostesses when they brought us to our table, because I don’t look like I’m 50 and he does…
Sooo… that was kinda funny.
But it was big brother and sister date night!!
There is nothing wrong with that!!

Here is my super cute, trendy and WARM outfit for date night.
H&M long faux fur vest
Tory Burch double pearl earrings
Tory Burch black evening bag (similar)

And can we talk about my hair for a hot second!
Omg. I curled it on Christmas Eve and it still looks amazing!!
My hair has NEVER EVER held a curl like this before! I used a flat iron to get "Kate Middleton" like curls!!
The reason this blog isn’t about HAIR is because I hate doing my hair. I am so lazy when it comes to hair. It is always down or up in a pony tail. Occasionally I will throw a braid into my pony tail, but besides that I’m boring! Except for Christmas this year! 
So now that my hair actually can hold a curl, maybe you will see some different hair looks from me!
But no promises!



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