Tuesday, December 5, 2017

LWOC 2017

This is my last week of class (LWOC) in 2017 and it has barely started and it has already been crazy!

I am still tired and sick from this weekend. I am am trying to recuperate but am having a hard time getting sleep while also beginning to study for my four final exams and finish lots of homework.

I am also just a crazy person and am way too over committed.
Yesterday, I finished my tour guide training and gave a tour around campus for the first time!
It was so fun! I cracked some jokes and it was great! My friends said hi to me while I was on the tour and it made me feel really special! 

I also had to finish a biology group project last night.

And I volunteered to meet with this group that is doing a public speaking presentation through Wake Speaks- the public speaking center on campus.

And then I went to bed…
It was a very busy Monday and it is only going to get more stressful and busy as the week progresses because we have another chorus concert on Thursday even though we sang ALL DAY on Sunday at Love Feast. 

I honestly think we should have two weeks of no classes and just reading days so I can sufficiently study for my finals.
I know I have all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Tuesday to study, but still, I don’t like to cram!!

I am starting to get back in the spirit of Christmas despite all the stress. I am listening to Christmas music in the morning when I get ready and I am wearing Christmas colors!
My room is all decorated for Christmas and I am getting ready to go home for Christmas!!

J crew gold tassel earrings (similar)
Sperry gold sparkly boat shoes 


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