Monday, December 4, 2017

Love Feast

Love Feast was yesterday!
If you don't know what Love Feast is, it is a Moravian tradition where the Gospel is read and there is lots of holiday music and there is even sweet coffee and buns.
Wake Forest University puts on the largest Love Feast celebration in all of North America.

Wake even live-streams it!!
My dad and aunt watched from back home!
My dad said I had a lot of camera time and that I was always smiling!!
My mom and grandma flew down from New York to see it in person! And don't worry my dad is going to come for my senior year!!

I am part of Concert Choir and we were the center of the festivities yesterday. We sat on the stage overlooking 2,000+ students and community members share in Love Feast.
My favorite part of the service is when the lights are shut off and one by one we light the beeswax candles that we are holding in our hands and it fills the whole room with light, joy and love.
It was so beautiful that my eyes started to tear up.
I had the biggest smile on my face and I felt so warm and fuzzy inside!

My mom and grandma came to Love Feast!
I know they loved it!
It was also just nice to spend time with them this weekend.
On Saturday, we went to Reynolda House (which is where the first picture was taken) and we went out to dinner with my friends.
And then on Sunday, we spent part of the early afternoon walking around Winston-Salem after brunch (which is where the second picture is from).
The second picture is actually in front of the venue where KD had formal the night before. I am going to do a whole blog post about all the formals I had this semester when I get home and actually have time to write!
So keep your eyes peeled for that one!!

I had such a nice weekend!
I was exhausted and sick the whole time but it was a really really special and sweet weekend!

1st outfit:
H&M red chunky sweater
American Eagle x4 high waisted jeggings
Tory Burch black riding boots
Tiffany pearl studs
J Crew statement necklace

2nd outfit:
H&M brown sweater
American Eagle x4 high waisted jeggings
Tory Burch cheetah Reva flats
J Crew blanket scarf
Longchamp mini le pliage tote in bilberry
J Crew gold tassel earrings
RayBan tortoise shell wayfarer sunglasses


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