Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Weak to the Elements

We had a beautiful parents weekend with warm weather, sunshine and a big W against Louisville, and then all of a sudden yesterday it decided to go down to freezing...
It went straight from summer to winter really fast.
I busted out a sweater, over the knee boots and my parka.

I ran into a friend in the library, after I already changed into my Uggs, Patagonia sweatshirt and North Face parka after dinner and he was like what are you wearing, you’re from Long Island, it’s not that cold.
My answer to him was that the south has made me weak to the elements.
And it really has.
I have no idea how I am ever going to live in the north again.

Let's just talk about this sweater for a hot sec.
It's adorable and I'm obsessed.
As you may know, I love big ruffle sleeves! 
Click HERE to see my favorite shirt from last spring, that is obviously still in style!!
I have to say my arms did look a bit obese with all the tiers and then the big parka over them.
But it's okay!
I love this sweater!
This is the first thing I've ever bought from Francesca's and it won't be the last, because I am in love!
I bought this sweater in Charleston, when Emily, Caroline and I had our full day of shopping down King's Street.
I can't wait to buy more cute things from Francesca's!

My over the knee boots were brought out in full force yesterday!
I got these boots last year around this time from DSW because I wanted to try out the over the knee boot trend.
They are not the best quality, but it's fine, because I am still trying out the trend.
 Surprisingly, they are actually pretty warm and super comfortable.
The biggest issue is that when I wear my black J Crew Gigi pants, they always fall down when I walk.
I think I have finally cracked the code on how to make them not fall down!
The key is to wear knee or mid calf socks under the boots over your pants, for some extra "grit" or friction, so the boots are less likely to slide down.
Also, if you wear the boots with jeans, the jeans also give a bit more friction and grit than slippery knit pants.
So just some pointers!
I don't know if I will ever buy a really nice pair of over the knee boots.
I don't really think it's my style.
But I'm gonna keep trying them out!

American Eagle tall high waisted jeggings
Faux pearl studs
Quay matt black cat eye sunglasses


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