Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fall WOO!!

Welcome back friends! (I should also welcome myself back...)
I was just telling Ashley, my photographer friend, from My Well Dressed Life, yesterday that I don't remember the last time I did a blog post... That's embarrassing and sad.
We both have been super busy lately.
And as pretty as the season is right now, the weather hasn't been so nice; lots of rain and clouds... :(
So that's one of my excuses for being MIA... and now onto a life update from yours truly!

It is finally looking like fall down here in North Carolina, all the leaves are almost all off the trees. The colors are so vibrant. 
I am obsessed with the season right now but, sadly it reminds me how pretty home is right now. Fall in New York is stunning and I miss seeing it. 
I haven't been home in months and I feel really disconnected from family and friends from back home. I feel so out of the loop. Last year I was still getting all the dirt and drama of home, but this year I'm not and I feel a little left out, not going to lie.

But I'm living in a different bubble. Sophomore year is much different than freshman year. 
It is going by quicker and it is much busier. 
Sophomore year is definitely harder in different ways than freshman year.
I am in the "swing of things" so I'm not really adjusting to classes or work load, but rather I am adjusting to changes in friends and other social parts of my life. I talk more about feeling sad and not very social in my post Sophomore Slumps! Go read it!!
Update: I am definitely getting out of the slumps! This week, I made plans everyday for dinner and lunch with friends that are very very sweet! And I am putting myself back out there and meeting lots of new people! I even went to a fraternity date function on Saturday night and met a lot of nice people!

It's getting into the holiday spirit down here; Christmas decorations are going up at shopping centers around Wake and we have started practicing Christmas music in Chorus!! 
It's hard being away from family and friends at this time of year.
I'm really ready to go home.
I'm not home sick but I'm just ready to see all my siblings and the rest of the family.
And my house!!
My parents are redoing the kitchen and both the upstairs bathrooms and all I've seen is the updates through FaceTime!

I am excited to go home but first I have a lot to do down here in North Carolina!!

More fall outfits! WOO!!
I wore this skirt for Thanksgiving last year and to class, only once...
Read those blog posts HERE and HERE!

I'm not really a big skirt person, so I don't really wear skirts that often.
They aren't as flattering as dresses and they RIDE UP LIKE CRAZYYYY!!! (Especially with a backpack on.... OMG)
But this one I think is super cute and pretty easy to style with simple accessories!

J Crew burgundy wool skirt
Vince Camuto brown riding boots
Tory Burch double pearl earrings


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