Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Major Change

Or should I say a couple of major changes…

For starters I think I am changing my major. 
(Ya see what I did there with the title?)
I came into Wake being a major in Political Science and a minor in French, then the French minor turned into a French major, so double major, after a month or so of freshman year but after a year I think I am making a change. 
I think I am now going to be a double major in English and French.
I know that sounds a bit crazy, but the office of Academic Advising helped me to make up my mind.
I love to read and write. I have a blog because I love to write.
I’d like to think it’s what I’m good at.
And also, I like politics but I don’t really have an opinion and I’m not really passionate about it.
And I don't think I really want to work on Capital Hill or in any type of government position.
My dream job is to be a lawyer so both English and Political Science are perfect major’s for law school applicants. 
Law is all about reading and writing, critically. So with an English major I hope to have the skills to be a successful lawyer.
My dad was a bit concerned about me becoming a double major in English and French but according to this article from the Wall Street Journal, English majors are actually in high demand in the professional world and get a pretty high paycheck. 

My change to being an English major isn't official yet, and I still have plenty more time to be more indecisive but for now, English major is where I'm headed.

Another major change in my life is that I am enjoying life more!
I feel like my life used to be all about work, work, work, and now I take time for myself. I relax!
I schedule time into my calendar for doing homework each day and for free time. 
I watch TV before bed, yesterday I sat on the quad and did homework.
These are things that seem so simple, but I would never do last year because I was too focused on school and not focused on just living. 
I am finally starting to realize the importance of balance in life!!

Another beautiful day in the emerald city.
I've worn this outfit about 100x but it is yet again the perfect transition outfit from summer to fall and also from winter to spring.

H&M lace shirt
American Eagle boyfriend jeans
Vince Camuto burgundy flats
Tory Burch double pearl earrings
Tory Burch gold logo bangle
J Crew blue and tortoise shell sunglasses


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