Monday, October 16, 2017

Southern Charm in Charleston, South Carolina

After a five hour drive Caroline, Emily and I arrived at Caroline's grandparents house in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday night.
We were welcomed with homemade sauce and pasta. 
Shortly after our first home cooked meal in a long time, we all crashed really early after our "long" three day week before fall break.


We slept in a bit the next morning and then made our way over to Folly beach.
Think of the beach in Nicholas Sparks' book or movie the Last Song. That was actually the book I was reading that day, that I borrowed from Grandma.

After digging our toes into the sand, and getting some sun we went over to Caroline's favorite lunch spot, the Lost Dog. 
All over the restaurant are hundreds of pictures of various dogs that have visited the restaurant. It was very cute!

Grandma then drove us around downtown Charleston a bit, so we could get a feel for the city! 
We even saw a bit of the College of Charleston!
We were looking for all the cute and preppy southern boys but couldn't find any. All of the students, including the girls, did not look cute!
They were all in oversized t-shirts, shorts and sneakers.

All around campus they have big signs up that says College of Charleston was voted the prettiest campus in all of America by the Princeton Review. 
I don't know if I agree with that.... but okkkk!

For dinner, Grandma prepared salmon and asparagus. A fan favorite amongst Caroline, Emily and I.
We snuggled up in bed and then after a couple episodes of Gossip Girl, an oldie but a goodie, we passed out.

By this time in our weekend away, we forgot about all of our responsibilities and about all the homework we brought with us and we decided to just enjoy ourselves.
And we really did!
We felt so relaxed. Everyday we went on a walk around the battery. 
We looked at the water and all the pretty boats, and the even prettier houses! 
Caroline's grandparents actually live on the battery so we could see the water every morning when we woke up!

Friday morning after oatmeal and the perfect hard boiled eggs we went to the famous King Street for shopping! After going into many many stores, I only bought three items...
I tried on a good amount of clothes but kind of struck out! 
I was hoping to buy a lot of fall sweaters and stuff because I have been so so so good and haven't bought any clothes this whole semester!
We then went to the Village Juice of Charleston, Beech for poke bowls. They were really good but really expensive...
After spending too much money on lunch, we went over to the famous Rainbow Row! 
My dream of taking a cute photo in front of the pink house was fulfilled!!!
Caro, Em and I took such cute Instagram worthy photos, as you can see above!

We then walked along the battery to home and got ready to go out to dinner at the Charleston Country Club with Caroline's great grandmother!
God bless her! 
Such a pretty golf course and such a wonderful meal!
Scallops and rissito for Emily and I!
So delicious!

While we were getting ready for dinner I learned that some people consider it impolite to have wet hair.... so Emily kindly blew dried my hair after I announced I was just going to go to dinner with wet hair. I guess I should probably buy a hair dryer! I just always let my hair air dry because it dries so nice via air drying. 
But it did look really nice after Em gave me a blow out!

Before going to dinner, we searched for the famous pineapple fountain!
The fountain was Emily's goal to find on this trip!
And we found it!
The pictures (again) turned out so cute!!

Saturday morning after a big breakfast of scrambled eggs and grits we made our way out onto the boat!
It was Emily and my first time having grits!
I have to say that they taste exactly like farina! Which I've been having my whole life! So I really enjoyed them!
Friday we toured Charleston by land and on Saturday we toured Charleston by sea!
We saw Caroline's grandparent's house from the water, the beautiful Ravenel bridge, a cruise ship, the USS Yorktown, a submarine from WWII, the Citadel, Fort Sumter- which was where the shot around the world was heard and the first settlement of Charleston. 
Steak and potatoes were on the menu for dinner Saturday night!
My mouth is salivating just thinking about it now. It was phenomenal as usual!

It was a wonderful weekend!
We were so so so relaxed and we were so sad to leave Sunday morning.
It was just such a nice break from reality!
It was fun to get to explore a new city with my best friends and at the same time it was wonderful to be spoiled by Caroline's grandparents!
Caroline said, "this vacation felt like I just got a massage..." I couldn't agree more!

But now back to the real world!!


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