Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sophomore Slumps

Hi friends!

Sorry, that I've been a little MIA here on the blog recently!
I definitely haven't been MIA in real life though!
I have had the craziest and busiest couple of weeks!

Let me get you all caught up!
Ashley and I haven't been able to take a lot of photos because we have been so busy!
The weather also hasn't been that great, so it's hard to take pictures when it's wet and windy.

This past weekend, we had KD sisterhood, where we went to a pumpkin patch 45 min away and took cute pictures! 
No one has sent me any of those photos.... 
Very annoyed about that. 

After sisterhood, I helped host one of our KD date functions!
It was "my tie" themed and I got to bring Emily and Caroline because I didn't have a blind date.
But I had so much fun with them, until three girls threw up on the buses that I was in charge of!
That's always fun!

Monday night was the Breast Cancer Fashion show where all the sororities participated in and helped to raise money for Susan G. Koman in support of breast cancer! We raised $3,000!!!
It was so much fun and I want to be the model from KD senior year strutting down the runway! Just putting that out there now!

This weekend is family weekend and I am so excited to see my parents!
I made lots of good dinner reservations and I can't wait to let them spoil me all weekend!
We also have a football game on Saturday and I am going to make them come to the tailgate with me!!

So now that you're all caught up, let's talk about the sophomore slumps.
I had no idea what the sophomore slumps were until I was venting to Giorgia and she told me that I have a case of them.
She described them as "when you have no motivation to do anything but you also have a lot of work and there's a lot of things you’re responsible for but you’re like dying."
Nicely put George!
I couldn't agree more!

My life is so busy.
I am training to be a tour guide, I'm the KD date function chair and on the Girl Scout Committee. I am in WFU Style. I volunteer for Wake Speaks. I am also in ballroom dance club!
I am pretty involved on campus.
And on top of all of those activities, I still have to balance doing homework and hanging out with friends.

When I was talking to Giorgia, I confessed that I wasn't very happy. 
A lot of girls in my sorority have their set friend groups and some aren't very inclusive.
I felt a bit left out last week and this weekend at pumpkin picking.
I also felt like everyone hated me.

But I realized that honestly, it's just one girl who is rubbing me the wrong way for no reason.
She is acting kind of like a girl I used to know in high school who ended up being a bully...

I keep telling myself, that I only have three more years of college and if I'm not happy about something, to change it!
So that's what I'm doing!
I am making a conscious effort to see friends in my sorority that want to hang out with me and who want to put effort into our friendship and not the mean girl.
I am also making an effort to hang out with girls in my sorority that I don't really know that well! I love being surrounded by great people and I want to have more wonderful people around me!
I am trying not to "put all my eggs in one basket," as I was told by a social worker at my elementary school years ago. 
I am continuing to live by that rule.

I feel like I am back in freshman year where I was having a hard time balancing friends, life and school. It's happening all over again.
Wake Forest is trying to kick me in the butt.
Now that I'm a sophomore, classes are a bit challenging.
One part of me is saying "friends, friends, friends," and "C's get degrees..." but the other part of my body is telling me, "to get into a good law school you have to have a really good GPA..."
Ya see my dilemma?

I'm trying to figure it out.
It's not easy.
But I'm getting through it like I always do!
And you can too!
Have a great rest of your week!!


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