Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Happy Fall Y'all!

Happy fall y'all!
It literally went from 85 degrees in Charleston, South Carolina to 45 degrees in Winston-Salem, North Carolina!
What a huge difference!
We literally came back from fall break and it was fall!
If you haven't read my fall break blog post go read it right now!! Click HERE to see lots of pretty pictures from Charleston!

But I am ready for the colder weather, I think...
On Friday I plan to swap my wardrobe and take out all of my winter clothes and boots out from under my bed!
And then put away most of my summer clothes because it is only supposed to get colder from here!!

Another great transition outfit and my first sweater of the season!!

H&M blue wool sweater 
Gap high waisted white skinny jeans in tall
Tory Burch Reva cheetah printed flats
Tiffany pearl studs
sterling silver monogrammed pendant
Banana Republic classic trench coat


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