Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Litte Neckerchief

I was a little daring yesterday in my outfit choice.
I normally like to stick to the classics and sometimes I wear something trendy.
But yesterday, I decided to mix the two.
I mixed my classic white button down with a trendy item- a red bandana neckerchief. 
This outfit was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest! I think I even re-pinned it! (Go check it out! I love Pinterest! @tallandpreppy )
I know neckerchiefs could be considered a classic item, because scarves never went out of style, but wearing neckerchiefs kind of did. 
Bandanas are also really trendy right now, to wear as scarves. So the fact that I mixed the two, means extra style points for me!
My mom used to wear neckerchiefs, a lot more than she does now. But they used to be (and maybe still are) her signature item.
I felt very much like my stylish mother in my outfit yesterday. It was great.

Some people questioned my outfit, but most didn't, and some said if one person could pull off a bright red neckerchief it was definitely me!
I had a lot of fun wearing something different. I was super excited to wear this outfit and I think it was a big success.

I love that I wore a very simple outfit- a white button down, jeans and cheetah flats, but I was able to make my outfit more trendy and just more fun, with adding a bandana as a neckerchief!
It was so simple, and it was free! 
I had the bandana, and it is a simple way to add some color and flair to an outfit!

I have become more experimental with my style now that I am in college.
I am still very preppy and classic, but I love to wear trendy pieces!
I used to be not as daring in high school, because I felt like girls at my high school judged me if I wasn't wearing J Crew.
I didn't always let that get in the way, and would still rock my very ostentatious and trendy outfits, but now that I am in college and all the walk ways are my runways, I am playing with my fashion even more!

Shoes: Tory Burch Reva cheetah flats
Neckerchief: red bandana (similar or you can get it from Amazon for probably $5)


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