Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Walking Burrito Bowl

Hi friends!
And I'm back!

I had a busy day on Valentine's Day, not because I had a Valentine, besides my mom of course, who sent me a care package filled with delicious cookies and candy, but because I just had a lot of classes and meeting and etc.
And for once on Valentine's day I wasn't sad...
Not that I am actually ever really that sad on Valentine's day, but I think everyone that is single always feels a little sad on V-day, but not me this year! 
I am kinda loving being single! It's so much fun! 
And this year was just a good Valentine's day filled with love from my friends and family.

Last night I went to chipotle with my BIG!
I love chipotle, don't get me wrong, but I am trying to save money for my trip!!!
Spring break is in t-minus 14 days and we are SOOOOO excited!
This weekend we are going to plan out all the restaurants we want to go to and make a grocery list, just stuff like that!
But back to Chipotle...
I love it, and think it is delicious, yet at the same time, every time I leave there I end up smelling like it!
So translation: I end up being a WALKING BURRITO!!!
Like that's not cute!
Emily came into my room last night and was like what is that smell... and I was ah I just went to Chipotle, and she was like ah yah I can tell...
So I ended up dousing myself in perfume before going to the library, so I didn't make everyone else sitting around me hungry because I smelled liked Chipotle, or mad that they didn't have any Chipotle.

I wore lots and lots of layers yesterday!
I love layering, it's so fun because you get to wear so many pieces of clothes at once!
And it keeps you warm. 
And I think it just looks super super chic!
It's a great way to transition from winter to spring.
As you can see, from the last picture, those are cherry blossom trees in full bloom! So it is starting to become spring here in North Carolina!
It's so crazy, and I kinda miss the snow, not gonna lie.
But I do love me some warm weather.
Who doesn't?

Sweater: Gap salmon knit sweater (similar)
Shoes: Sperry gold sparkly boat shoes (similar)
Necklace: statement pearl necklace (similar)


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