Thursday, February 23, 2017

Attacked for Being a New Yorker...

Yes you read that right... I was verbally attacked yesterday in my English class for being a New Yorker....
Let me set up the scene for you.
We are reading The Grand Babylon Hotel, that my professor actually edited, and we were discussing what Jules and Miss Spencer meant in the first chapter when they were commenting on that Mr. Racksole is a New Yorker.
And a kid in my class, who I am friendly with, said, "Well you know, New Yorker's just have that vibe about them...."
Ya see, normally I would keep my mouth closed here, but since I am pretty comfortable in the class and a couple of the guys and I joke around, and I like the teacher, I said, "Excuse me, what does that mean? I'm a New Yorker!"
And he followed up with saying, "Exactly, my point...."
The class went nuts....
I got dissed for being a New Yorker...
Never in my life has that happened.
He came up to me after class and apologized and I knew he was just kidding, so no big deal, but still, #rude!
It was just really funny, and that made my day, even though it was kinda a bash to me, it was still fun! Honestly, I think he's just jealous that he's not from the best state ever!
(Sorry, I can't help it, New York is the best and I am a proud New Yorker!!!)

I did a lot of writing yesterday.
So good thing I didn't have a blog post to also type up because I probably wold have died.
I just had a very off day. It was very stressful and not a fun day.
I had an English paper due today, 2 French compositions, and a 1000 word article for the paper due.

But during all that stress, my friends were able to cheer me up.
Juliana walked into my room in a gorgeous ball gown and I literally died, omg.
(Yes, shopping and dressing up makes me feel better!)
She needed my help deciding which gown to wear to Kathleen's debutant ball in Texas over spring break.
Ah I just want to go to dress up!!!
I am soooo jealous that I couldn't go, but I am also super super excited for my trip. 
I wish I could be a debutant, it sounds so fun to dress up and dance! Ahhh
And until my future daughter can be a debutant, lol, I guess I will just have to reminisce about senior prom. I would love to wear my dress again! Ahhhh I love that dress!! 
(Click HERE to see pictures from my prom!)

Ashley and I used a prop yesterday for our pictures!
My cheetah umbrella! Don't you love it!?
And look it matches my shoes!!!
I have finally accepted that it is no longer winter and that I have to change the "label" to Warm Weather...
Tomorrow I have to pull my summer clothes out of my suitcase under my bed and put away my sweaters, because it's only going to get warmer from here!
I'm excited for spring, but I just don't know what to wear during this awkward transition time.
I literally just don't know what to wear anymore!
So yesterday, I decided on a little denim on denim!
Something different. Very casual but unique!

Shirt: Banana Republic chambray button down (similar)
Necklace: long mixed stone pendant (similar)
Shoes: Tory Burch cheetah Reva flats 


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  1. That's crazy but kudos for sticking up for yourself.

    Great outfit. LOVE those Tory's. I'm jealous.


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