Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More Surprises!!!

I was very surprised to walk back from my one class yesterday morning to see my bed covered in gifts from my BIG!
You will have to look on my Instagram (@tallandpreppy) to see some of the crafty creations! 
But I love them!
And last night, at 10pm, I got more "sweet" surprises!
My Big had two guys come drop off Ben & Jerry's ice cream and a chocolate bar!!

And more surprises are yet to come today!!!

A high of 71 degrees yesterday....
I feel like I'm bragging, because it is literally snowing back home, but as much as I am embracing the warm temperatures, I am complaining a bit, because I kinda do want snow so I can wear my really cute sweaters!!!
But I guess I will take 71 degrees over 31 degrees....
I don't remember ever being able to wear a dress in February, so it's kinda nice!
Because the weather is so nice, it seems like I should be in shorts and a tank top, (like some people), but that is where I draw the line...
It is still winter, and although the thermometer might be confusing us, it is still February, and thus, in my opinion, it is not appropriate to be in a t-shirt and shorts, in bright spring or summer colors!
So yesterday, I settled for a winter floral dress.
The back drop of the dress is black, and the flowers are dark colors as well, so it is still a winter/fall appropriate dress.

Dress: H&M dark floral dress
Earrings: burgundy studs
Shoes: Tory Burch black/gold Reva flats


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