Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Officially a Member!

You would think, President's Day, a day I have gotten off my whole life, I would get off...
but nope!
I'm a little salty about it, if you couldn't tell.
I am also a little salty that it is February break for everyone up north and my sister and her family are down in Florida sitting on the beach right now, and I am here at school...
But only two more weeks until I am sitting on the beach! Woo!
But before that I have three French papers due, an English paper, a speech and a History midterm!
So excited to be done with all of it!
But I have to say, yesterday I felt like I was at the beach. 
It was 70 degrees during lunch time, and Kristin and I sat on the quad, whilst we ate our rabbit food (aka salads) and took in some rays.
Listen to this, I actually got a little sunburned.....
I know, that sounds crazy, but I did!
On my arms, under the black sleeves of my shirt....
Now I finally understand why they say never wear black in the sun! 

Since it is February break, there are soooooo many campus tours! It is really fun to see all these potential Deacs, but also a little intimidating because they stare at you, and "check you out" specifically the girls- to see what your wearing, as you go about your day.
When Ashley and I were trying to find a spot to take pictures yesterday, it was more of a struggle than normal, we walked past a tour group and two kids in the tour had t-shirts that said my high school. 
I got so excited, but then I chickened out and didn't say anything....
I should of! 
Ah, next time!

Last night was really exciting because I was FINALLY initiated into Kappa Delta!
I have gone through 5 stages of initiation, by last night, so I was just ready for it to be over!
And now, I am no longer a "baby," but rather a sister!
I am so excited and I am so happy to be apart of the best sorority ever!

I am having a difficult time with the weather down here...
It is 70 degrees and gorgeous everyday, but it also February.
Girls and guys were literally in shorts and t-shirts yesterday, and I was still in winter clothes (as I am in again today).
I don't know if I should break out my spring clothes!
I feel like I should! And just wear my long sleeve spring shirts and slowly make the transition into spring...
I'm excited for the warmer weather, but I also still have so many cute winter outfits I could still be wearing, if I was back home.... :(
But that's okay!

Shirt: H&M cheetah top with faux leather sleeves
Shoes: Tory Burch black/gold Reva flats
Watch: Michael Kors gold Blair watch


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