Friday, December 2, 2016

A Little Over the Knee Boot Action

Lol, before all these really nice photos I had some very funny photos of one of my guy friends.
He popped out of nowhere during my little photoshoot and then I started yelling at him, and the photos were really funny.
In some of them it looks like I'm gonna hit him and it's just really funny.

Yesterday's outfit was a big hit!
So many people came up to me complimenting it!
It made me feel so good!
I have to say, when I wear an outfit that isn't traditionally "me" I get a ton of compliments.
Maybe, people like being kept on their toes! So maybe I should keep surprising everyone and wear more non "Elisabeth" outfits!

Like everyone else, I caved in and bought over the knee boots...
I know, not really preppy or my style, but very trendy and super cute!
And look how great they look! 
I think they make my legs look even longer than normal! And who doesn't want that?!
And these boots were only $70!!
They look so nice, and the faux-suede looks really nice!
Except you do have to tie them really tight around your legs. 
And for me, because I'm blessed with being 5'9" the boots aren't fully over my knees.... 
But it is what it is!

I also never thought I would be into the white marble trend!
But I got these from Quay!
Really good price and really nice quality!
These sunglasses, not gonna lie are kinda obnoxious and over the top, but they definitely a statement, and definitely a statement that I'm into.

I posted one of these artsy, candid's on my private Instagram last night and made my caption "I think the hair tie makes this pic a solid 10/10"
I hate how the hair tie looks on my wrist, but it is always there and it can't be helped. 
I know it is super ugly and in literally every one of my photos on this blog, but it is what it is!!

And my gorgeous friend/photographer Alex is featured above!!

Shirt: Joe Fresh blue printed silk blouse (similar)
Jacket: H&M velour black moto jacket (similar)
Earrings: sterling silver ball studs
Bracelet: statment gray cuff


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