Sunday, December 11, 2016

Winter White


As you can see Alex and I had a pretty extensive photoshoot yesterday!
I am writing an article all about winter white's for WFU Style, a style blog here on campus, so I of course had to take some photos for that, and this just so happened to be the outfit I was wearing yesterday, so it worked out perfectly, if I do say so myself!
And we had to celebrate the last day of classes (LDOC)!!!
White has been designated a "summer color" because of the "fashion rule: no white after labor day." Thus for some women it is a very scary color to wear in the winter or fall. 
But here Alex and I show you that wearing white in the winter isn't that scary at all!

We are both all bundled up in our white accessories. 
I had a white hat on to keep my ears warm and Alex had on a big chunky white scarf.
Honestly, it is freezing here in North Carolina.
Contrary to what some of my friends from super dry climates say, North Carolina has a very different cold than New York. It is a dryer cold and it just goes right threw you.
I am so not used to this weather, that I was all bundled up all day yesterday.
Alex, on the other hand just had on a sweater and scarf and was fine. 
I on the other hand was not, and had to wear lots of layers.
Last night when I went out to a frat party, all I had on was my ugly Christmas sweater, a pair of spandex and fuzzy socks....
I had to walk to the frat house, and I literally froze. I sooooooo wish I had that hat on that I was wearing earlier because I literally was so overexposed that my legs and ears were bright red. And now the top of my ears are so red and were so overexposed to the 20 degree weather that they are now numb!

I wore this coat all around campus yesterday, everyone made fun of me, "the New Yorker is cold in North Carolina??" Yes!!!!
I don't care how stupid I look as long as I am warm.
I wore this jacket all the way up to the Museum of Anthropology last night for our "Night at the Museum" night!
And I was super warm and toasty!
Last night, I also watched our men's soccer team score the winning goal in double overtime on tv, to put them into the championship against Stanford! 

But back to my outfit:
I love this new sweater! Super warm and toasty and I love the bright color!
I normally would just wear this sweater with black pants and my Tory Burch black boots but I decided to mix things up a bit and go a slightly different route, and wear white jeans and some black over the knee boots.
Alex and I both rocked the over the knee boots!
She got her's from Target for like $40 and they literally look the same as mine, but mine were $70...
I know, there is a lot going on, but it was color blocking and I think it looks pretty good!!
After all, black and white are neutrals!!
I think some women are even scared to wear white accessories, like a white scarf or hat, like Alex and I wore in this shoot!
But don't! Winter white is so pretty, clean and fresh!

My outfit:
Pants: Gap high waisted white skinny jeans in TALL
Hat: Ivanka Trump white beanie with fur pom (similar)
Jacket: The North Face big gray super warm parka (similar)

Alex's outfit:
Sweater: American Eagle gray and white trimmed sweater (similar)
Sunglasses: black and mirrored sunglasses


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