Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rockefeller Tree and Rolf's NYC

Merry almost Christmas!!
I landed Friday night at JFK and then was reunited with Michelle, who I hadn't seen for 4 months, late that night for like 10 minutes, before I passed out from exhaustion in my comfy queen sized bed.
Saturday night I was reunited with my other best friend Giorgia!!
We had our annual Christmas dinner in Manhattan after seeing the tree!!!
This year we went to Rolf's German Restaurant downtown on 3rd and 23rd street.
It was really really good!
Best piece of bratwurst I ever had!
We made the reservation a month and a half ago, and we were like the last reservation until after the new year. Because of that, dinner was at 9:30pm.... But even though we had a reservation we had to wait outside on a line for an hour.... so thank goodness it wasn't too cold outside.
But once we got inside, the wait was definitely worth it! Like look how cool the restaurant is!
If you left Rolf's without feeling in the Christmas spirit, well there is something definitely wrong with you then....
Just look how Christmasy this restaurant is!!!
After a very very late dinner, I was feeling more exhausted and sick then ever.
The stress from all of my finals was over and being sick was finally hitting me... That's why stress sucks, because you 9 times out of 10 will get sick afterwards.... so woooooo
We had a little slumber party at Michelle's house, overslept so we couldn't make our famous crêpes, and then we went home.
A great weekend reunited with my best friends!

Vest: gray faux fur vest
Earrings: Tory Burch double pearl and gold earring
Boots: Hunter pink glossy rain boots with fleece liners


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