Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Came Early to NC

Apparently Christmas came early on Friday to Winston-Salem!
This whole weekend was filled with Christmas spirit!
On Friday, Alex and I did a little Christmas shopping at the campus store!
I got some presents for some family members and Alex got some as well!
Because Alex will be driving home for Christmas, she got her gifts complementary wrapped in Wake Forest wrapping paper, but because I have to fly home, I couldn't afford giving up valuable suitcase space....
I also got a Wake snowman ornament for our big tree back home!
Which, my parents aren't allowed to get without me, because I LOVE Christmas. It is MY holiday, and I LOVE decorating the house and the tree, so they aren't allowed to do anything without me!
Especially because we are having Christmas at our house this year with the whole fam, so the house has to look extra extra festive!
Speaking of decorating, we went to Target on Friday and I bought some decorations for my room.
I bought this hugeeeeee red bow for our door. I thought B would hate it but she actually thought it was cute! And I got some bells and some fun colorful garland!
I am so excited for Christmas, as usual, but now it is finally hitting me that it's almost Christmas, and I really can't wait!!!!

Sweater: Gap salmon sweater (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 statement pearl necklace (similar)
Shoes: Sperry boat shoes in sparkly gold (similar)

On Sunday, I got even more into the Christmas spirit.
We had Love Feast, which is one of the oldest traditions here at Wake.
It is all about loving and caring for one another.
It was a non denominational 2 hour service with lots of singing and love.
After the sermons I felt so warm and fuzzy inside minus that it was seriously raining and damp out.
I just felt so much love in the chapel.
It was an amazing feeling.
I also loved singing some of my favorite Christmas songs, which I am not listening to on Pandora, as I write up this blog post! I forgot how much I loved singing traditional songs, and am 100% doing chorus next semester, I miss it so much!
All the singing and just the spirit at the celebration was just amazing and can't really be described.
It was a perfect way to kick off the holiday season. 
We lit candles and filled the whole chapel with warmth and happiness.
10/10 would recommend!


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