Monday, August 15, 2016

Yacht Please!

Happy Monday!
If you didn't already know, this is my yachting hat (not the Wake Forest bucket hat) but the big floppy hat!
My boyfriend and I always joke about how my big floppy hat is my yachting hat but therefore requires a yacht. I do not have a yacht but maybe one day...

I usually don't just get dressed up to go take blog pics. I usually just pick out an outfit and then wear that to school or out to eat or whatever and then just take pics because I'm already dressed. But yesterday I just felt like getting dressed up in a maxi with my big hat because it was like 102 degrees yesterday/my hair was greasy and I just wanted to take some pretty pictures. 

Jack and I reminisced about this grassy green area by the dock which is where he took me for our first official date. I don't think he knew about the blog back then, or else we probably would have taken pictures, obviously. 
You can't really see but Jack because he's behind the camera but he had his Wake bucket hat on, he let me borrow it for a couple of shots. We later made it to the food store to get out of the heat/my mom needed me to get some eggs and vegetables, and of course we wore our big hats into the food store!

I had a family dinner last night with my grandparents so they could say "see ya later" to my brother, who leaves for college today with my mom. And I can't believe I leave on the 24th! I have a lot of mixed emotions about leaving. I'm really anxious and nervous yet at the same time I am soooo excited! My roommate seems really sweet and I can't wait to meet her! I'm just really sad about leaving all my friends and family! :( But her and I established last night that we will have sobbing parties together... So sad but so cute!


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