Monday, August 8, 2016

Graduation Party

We had our Summer Send Off/Graduation/Birthday party on Saturday!

It was so much fun!
We had some really good catered BBQ food and delicious cake!
It was so nice to see my friends and family!!
And come on look how preppy my friends are!!

The weather was a tad bit nasty. It was really humid out, and there was like a 15 minute down pour but besides that it was great. 
I ran around like a crazy person, talking to everyone and seeing if they needed anything!
 I met some of my dad's work friends and caught up with some of my cousins who I don't see very often!
I shared so many laughs and just had such a nice time.

Some of my friends stayed late and we played manhunt. So fun. Except I literally got eaten alive. I didn't put bug spray on because I just shaved my legs but I kinda regret it. I literally have 30 mosquito bites on the back of my legs. And they hurt!!!

It was sad to say goodbye to my friends but I am so excited to be going away to school. I think I am really ready now! I don't leave until the end of the month but I already miss my friends and family. But I will be home in September because my twin brother and I were asked to be Godparents to our youngest niece Zoe! We are so excited and it will be so nice to come home in September after a couple of weeks at school!

Thank you for everyone who came! I had such a fun time and I hope you did too!
Best of luck to all the other graduates! And see you during Thanksgiving break!!



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