Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Last 2 Days of Orientation

Sunday night
Kristin and I at the soccer game


Sunday was more orientation events, but a lot I got to skip out on because I didn't read a Project Wake book. So it was nice I had all day to just kind of chill and relax before the soccer game that night!
We had a free dinner at the "Taste of Winston-Salem." There were food trucks and booths from all the local restaurants! It was so yummy and free!!
The Deacs won the soccer game!! Woo!!!
I have to say at the soccer game I was feeling kind of lonely and a little sad. Like there was this big group of other freshman behind us and they like already had a group of friends!! And I was like wow, I literally have maybe 4 good friends right now, and there was like 12 of them. So at that moment I felt kind of sad and lonely. And then I texted my parents and friends and they boosted my spirits. And then my friend Kristin and I forced ourselves to be social and go talk to some guys who were from the same area as me! So that was really great! And got me out of my funk!
I really wanted to roll the quad again, but the toilet paper from the previous day was still on the trees.
After that we went to another fun frat party! And, fortunately or unfortunately you decide, I did not run into my RA at this party. 

Outfit for the soccer game:

Shirt: Joe Fresh orange tank top (similar) 
Shorts: J Crew white linen shorts with black embroidery (similar)

On Monday, I had another packed day of orientation. I had an individual advising session with my student advisor and faculty advisor, which went really well. I finalized my schedule and am taking 17 credits this semester. Which is kind of a lot. But two of them are health classes which are each only half a semester and I have a pass or fail first year experience class that will be easy. So I'm not that worried, because after all I am an overachiever!
My roommate and I then met up and we went to a meeting with the Office of Student Engagement. And heard about leadership opportunities and clubs. It wasn't that informative through... so I don't know.
We then went to a global programs meeting and heard about studying abroad. Yet again, all information we already knew. 
After lunch with some friends, Ashley from (My Well Dressed Ash) and I took some outfit pictures, and then I went to meet some of my teachers at the department open houses. 
At 3:30 everyone got super prepped out and we went to convocation. Where all the deans of the school wore their graduation robes. We heard from the president of the school which was cool and the student body president. Next, we wrote a letter to ourselves that we will receive senior year about what goals we think we want to achieve by then. It was kind of sentimental and really dramatic with this beautiful piano playing in the background. 
Last night we had Pros v. Joes where my hall paired up with a boys hall and competed against the other halls in all these silly but completive activities. Like volleyball and dragon tails (where you connect yourselves in 2 lines and run around without letting go of the persons shoulders in front of you and have to grab the other team's flags.) We did really well, but we didn't win.
And then I was jumping down from this 7 foot maybe 8 foot wall and fell flat on my ass. It hurt so bad and I made a fool out of myself. But whatever!
And no I didn't go out and party last night because I had class this morning at 8am!! I know! I am officially a college student! I will talk more about my first day of class in the next blog post!

Monday's outfit:
Shirt: J Crew orange and white shirt with tulip sleeves (similar)
Necklace: sterling silver monogramed pendant (similar)


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