Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Shake Shack

So long, farewell see you in November.
Last night I said see you later to my best friend Michelle.
(Sorry, Dominique not saying bye to you yet, I will definitely see you!)
It was really sad, and surprisingly Mitchie cried!
I KNOW! Crazy!!!
It's just insane that we only have a couple of weeks left at home until we're on our own! And it was really sad that was the last time I will see Mitch before November. 
I'm going to miss my friends like crazy and I'm sad that I won't see them everyday like I do now, but I know I will FaceTime them (Mitch get a new phone) and Snapchat them (Mitch get a new phone)! I hope we still stay close and see you in November!!!

But before all the tears we went to Shake Shack and the mall.
Let me tell you Shake Shack is way better than any McDonalds or Smash Burger or anything else. It was delicious!! 

I set up my debt card and saving's account the other day and now it's dangerous because I can just transfer money with the tap of my finger on my phone and like have money available any time! It's dangerous because I am a shopaholic. So like last night at the mall, I wasn't going to try anything on or buy anything but I did try stuff on, even though I literally don't need any clothes nor do I have room in my closet. But I think I am going to order a denim dress from Zara. We shall see....

My photos are in front of Shake Shack because Dominque and Michelle were too hungry to pose for photos....

My outfit:
Necklace: lavender beaded tassel necklace
Bag: Cole Haan blue color blocked satchel with Baublebar teal pom pom (similar)

Dominque's outfit:
Top: cold shoulder blush colored shirt from a boutique (similar)
Bracelet: Michael Kors white and silver bangle (similar)
Bag: gray fringed clutch from a boutique (similar)

Michelle's outfit:
Shirt: American Eagle handkerchief pleated tassel top (similar)
Shoes: Steve Madden brown sandals (similar)


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