Saturday, August 27, 2016

College Move In

I moved into college yesterday!!
Look how beautiful my campus is!!
I can't believe I'm here at college. I feel like I am just at summer camp!
And so far I am loving it!
I have to say moving in was very stressful, and I was really overwhelmed because our room was just covered in my stuff. I brought 6 suitcases from home and then picked up my pack n'ship from Bed Bath and Beyond. My mom and I also stopped at Target, Walmart and Costco. So good thing my mom rented a big SUV. Because when she dropped my brother off at college, they got a FIAT and there was literally no room for any of his stuff, so his roommate who lives in the area had to take some of his stuff for him. 
My roommate and I really clicked and are having a great time so far.
My roommate and my mom and I went shopping also! We got some food, and a side table and some fuzzy rugs!
We also went and learned about some clubs and organizations on campus. Also resources on campus such as the library and writing center and about fun group fitness classes that we are definitely going to do to avoid the freshman 15, or according to Peter the freshman 50!! 
Last night we went out to a frat party, got beer spilt on us, lost our hearing, sweated profusely for hours and took an uber home! Lol, our RA was actually at the same frat party we were and she saw us and it was so awkward!!
So we survived our first college party! Woo! 

I can't believe I just told you all of this. But this blog is also a journal for me!

I am so excited for the rest of my college career!!

Here is my super cute outfit that I got super sweaty in and had beer spilled all over it. But it is all good!! Next time I go out I'm wearing crappy shorts and a shirt! I did wear white converse to the party though instead of my Jacks.

Shirt: J Crew navy blue t-shirt (similar)


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