Sunday, August 28, 2016

We saw our RA AGAIN at a Frat Party

So yesterday, I had another busy day!!
Orientation has been crazy!!! It's been so much fun but crazy!
I started off the morning early at 7am! I got dressed kinda in the dark, but it was all good, it was really good practice for classes starting on Tuesday, because I have 8am classes and my roommate doesn't have classes until later in the day. So I'm going to have to get dressed in the dark and do my makeup in the dark as well, but it will all be good!!
I grabbed breakfast with my fellow blogger friend Ashley, from My Well Dressed Life, yesterday and honestly the food isn't too bad!!
We then went to a pre-law meeting, and it was a tad bit overwhelming not gonna lie, but long story short I just have to get good grades to get into a good law school.
I then met my student and faculty advisor and the kids in my group. The meeting was very over whelming, there was a lot of information!! So in my group, one of the guys is also a twin, so we have that twin bond and him and a foreign exchange student thought my blog was so cool! I was so flattered!!
After that we had another event, "The Making of a Demon Deacon," on Hearn Plaza in front of Wait Chapel where we got our pins for graduation. (I thought I lost mine just now, but now I remember I put mine in my makeup drawer! Oops!) The student body president swore us in or whatever. And then we had a picnic on the plaza with all of our parents. It was super hot out, but we were able to find a nice shady spot under the trees, which we rolled (with toilet paper.) After every sports win, everyone rolls the quad, to show our support for the school. Duke did it to us as a joke years and years ago and we just kept it! 

My mom came back to our dorm, and brought my roommate and I food for our fridge! It was so sweet of her. 
Pictures of my dorm will be on my Instagram (@tallandpreppy)
We said goodbye, because she flew home last night. I didn't even really get a chance to cry because I had events I had to go to, such as sex ed classes and diversity things, I honestly don't even know what they were but they were boring. 
We met with our advising group for dinner at a sandwich shop a little ways off campus. And then we went to the "Spirit of Wake." We learned the fight songs and all the other campus traditions like Wake n' Shake and other ones that I don't remember!
Late last night another friend and I went to a frat party. This party was way more fun than the other one the night before. So we squeezed in a pledge car with these guys that we didn't know too well, but it was fine, and ended up at this super super fun frat. It was less gross than the other one, and the music was so much better so I was able to dance more!! And this time I wore denim shorts and a shirt I didn't care about. My white converse are trashed and my legs were covered in frat sludge.
I actually met up with some guys from home at the party last night! It was so great to see some familiar faces and just to hang out with guys I knew! My friend from the advising group was also there with his roommate and it was just a good time. And because these guys are such gentlemen they walked us home, well we all live in the same dorm, but they walked back with us and then we hung out until 3 am. I had to take a shower at 3 am because I was gross. Frat parties are nasty, but so much fun! Highly recommend!!!

Shirt: J Crew gray shirt with beaded neckline (similar)
Shorts: J Crew pink linen pull on shorts (same type)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban cat eye Wayfarers in tortoise shell (similar)


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