Friday, August 5, 2016


I'm 18!
I celebrated my 18th birthday yesterday with my parents and twin brother!
I am a legal adult!
Woo!! I can vote and that is about it. That is all that being 18 really means...
My parents, brother and I went out to dinner last night at Bryant and Cooper and omg it was delicious! We all devoured our red meats and then had a yummy chocolate mouse cake for dessert.

Thank you all for the warm wishes! It is so nice to feel so loved on such a special day. 

I had a wonderful year of being 17 and I can't wait to have a better year of being 18. Although it started off to a slightly rough start, I have finally figured out what is my tragic flaw and am going to continue to grow and work on myself so that will not cause my down fall as a person. 

Here is a short summary of my year of being 17:
I got my drivers license (read HERE), I was player of the year on my badminton team, my team and I were conference champs (read HERE),Women's Chorus and I received gold with distinction at NYSMAA Majors (where I also had that killer solo of mine), I was a host at PoCoHo (read HERE), I got inducted into Thespian Honor Society, I received the John Assenzio scholarship, I also received the John Shorter prize for outstanding contribution to theater, I received the high honors in chorus award and honors in French award (read HERE). And probably the biggest accomplishments this year was that I graduated high school (read HERE), got into my dream school (read HERE), made amazing memories with my friends and finally had a boyfriend. (lol)

I am probably forgetting about a lot of important things that happened to me this year, but this was all that came to mind as of right now.

I am so excited for the upcoming year of being 18! I can't wait to go to college in a couple of weeks and continue to learn, shape and grow as a person!
Cheers to me!

Dress: J Crew cream a-line dress with pastel ribbons (similar)


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